Pastoral Care

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Pastoral Care & Visitation

The Director of Pastoral Care ministers to members who are experiencing a health crisis and are in the hospital or another care facility or at home. He may be reached by telephone at (817) 717-1030. He is available to take Holy Communion on a regular basis to members who are unable to come to the Service at church, either permanently or for some period of time. And he oversees the work of the Eucharistic Visitors whose ministry is described below, as well as the Stephen Ministry in the parish.

Altar Flowers Ministry

The Church Altar flowers are taken on Sunday to parishioners who are in the hospital or other locations in the in Fort Worth and surrounding areas. They are donated to the Church, Chapel and Children's Chapel by parishioners wishing to remember a loved one, celebrate a birthday or anniversary, etc. One may volunteer to take the Sunday flowers by calling the Parish office and if you know of someone in need of flowers to brighten their day, please also notify the Parish office. The cost of the flowers is as follows: $115.00 for the Church Altar, $75.00 for the Chapel Altar and $10.00 for the Children's Chapel Altar.


The clergy of St. Andrew's are available for personal counseling in their offices as needed by parish members or others. This should be arranged by appointment. The clergy adhere to the confidential nature of counseling sessions. Referrals will be made where appropriate. The Episcopal Church requires the services of a master's level social worker or a licensed marriage and family therapist for long-term solutions.

Eucharistic Visitations

Through this ministry Communion is taken directly from a Sunday morning Service to parishioners who are unable to join the community at worship. The person who leads in the visit will have received training through the Pastoral Care Office and a license from the bishop. Normally another parishioner accompanies the leader, and this person requires no special training or a license. To inquire about training for this ministry or to indicate interest in accompanying a license Visitor on a visit, contact the Pastoral Care Office at (817) 717-1030. 

St. Martha's Meals Ministry

St. Martha's Meals Ministry nourishes the needs of the parish with loaves and fishes. Bringing the body of Christ together, this ministry includes all who are willing to provide meals for families in times of need such as illness, death, new baby, or other such occasions. Contact Barbara Ragsdale at

Prayer Shawl Ministry

Prayer Shawls are available to be given to persons experiencing sickness or other stressful circumstances. Parishioners taking part in this ministry knit the shawls according to a simple pattern, praying all the while for those who will receive them. Upon completion the shawls are blessed by one of the clergy and, when a need arises, delivered along with a beautiful Prayer Shawl blessing card. The reported joy and comfort experienced by those receiving shawls are a great blessing as well to those who create these precious gifts.

The Prayer Chain

The Prayer Chain exists at St. Andrew’s to hold daily before God the names and needs of persons who request that of its members. The names are held in strict confidence among the members of the group and must be resubmitted regularly to remain on the list. Each member of the team prays on his own after his own fashion. Very occasionally the members meet for the purpose of good communication and to exchange ideas. Names may be submitted to Ethel Warren at or call St. Andrew’s office and leave a message on extension 3501. This is a secure extension. Permission should be obtained before submitting the name of someone other than oneself.

Weddings at St. Andrew's

Marriage is the committed, lifelong union between a man and a woman. It is celebrated and contracted as a solemn covenant before God, and in the company of at least two witnesses. The union of husband and wife in heart, body and mind is intended by God for their mutual joy, for the help and comfort given one another in prosperity and adversity, and, when it is God’s will, for the procreation of children and their nurture in the knowledge and love of the Lord.

The clergy, staff and congregation of St. Andrew’s want each wedding to be glorious. For that reason, the church has published policies for all weddings held at St. Andrew’s. Experience has taught us that the wedding of which you have dreamed will be much enhanced when all parties concerned are familiar with the policies from the beginning.

Because marriage is a sacramental rite of the church, and because, as the Book of Common Prayer warns, marriage is not to be entered into unadvisedly or lightly, each couple seeking to be married at St. Andrew’s must meet the following policies:

At least one party (but preferably both) must be a confirmed member of St. Andrew’s. Those getting married within a church are saying that they want their family life to become part of the life of the parish. We look forward to incorporating those couples marrying at St. Andrew’s into our church family. The couple must consent to the Church’s teaching about the nature of Holy Matrimony, and must sign the Declaration of Intent testifying to that consent.

The couple must participate in premarital counseling with the officiating clergy.

No wedding date is put on the calendar officially until the premarital counseling has begun and the Rector approves the date.

The couple must fill out and return promptly the Wedding Information papers to the Wedding Coordinator. Once a couple has started their premarital counseling with the clergy and the wedding date has been approved by the Rector, the couple may begin working with St. Andrew’s Wedding Coordinator who will be available to assist them with the wedding details.

The marriage service will follow the 1928 Book of Common Prayer.

Diocesan policy is that marriages are not performed in Advent or Lent except by permission of the Bishop.

Sacred music is very important to St. Andrew’s and we have developed an extensive list of music that has been approved by our Choirmaster. If you have a request for music not on this list, St. Andrew’s Choirmaster will be glad to discuss this with you, but it must be recognized that some popular compositions are not appropriate.

If you are not a member of St. Andrew’s and would like to find out what requirements must be met for non-members to be married here, please call us. 

For any additional information or for questions regarding weddings at St. Andrew’s please call the church office: Monday-Friday, 9:00am – 4:30pm. (817) 332-3191. 

Personal Funeral Plan

Download a Personal Funeral Plan (All information is confidential and is submitted directly to the Rector.)

For good reason the liturgical color of every Christian funeral is white. 

For every Christian funeral is always a re-celebration of Easter. We enter into that “house of mourning” with the triumphant certainty that death does not have the last word. No, the risen Lord does. And He has pronounced and demonstrated his utter victory over death. And in his triumph over death in his resurrection, Christian people see a foretaste of their own ultimate victory.

The purpose of these funeral planning guidelines is twofold: 

a) to urge us all to give these matters some thought now so that we might better learn to live with the end in view and

b) to provide some helpful suggestions to those who will plan and preside at our funerals. 

It is understood that we will offer these suggestions not as binding instructions to those who will actually design and conduct our services, but rather as pointers or reminders of some of the things which were dear to us throughout our lives.