Ministry & Mission Partners

The followers of Christ are called to have a two-­­­fold purpose in the world around us:  to love each other as disciples, and to love the world as proclaimers of the Good News of Jesus Christ. This is what St. Andrew’s mission statement sets forth. 


St. Andrew’s establishes relationships with and supports financially special partners in ministry and mission that propagate the Gospel, both at home and abroad—local Ministry Partners with whom we have developed close ties in spreading the Gospel in our Fort Worth community, as well ­­­as Mission Partners engaged in global mission and evangelism beyond Fort Worth and the USA.  St. Andrew’s parishioners are encouraged to engage personally in the work of these organizations as part of our discipleship in serving Christ and His people and extending His Kingdom—whether across town or on the other side of the world. 

St. Andrew's Local Ministry Partners

Camp Crucis, a ministry of the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth, is a center of excellence created to assist men, women and children in deepening their personal relationship with Christ in a peaceful setting for ministry, education and spiritual growth.


Compassion Among My People (CaMp) Ministries, Inc. is centered in the love of Jesus Christ for His people.  CaMp provides imperfect, ordinary people with places to serve others in extraordinary ways while deepening our own relationship with God. 


Search Ministries helps the brightest and best thinkers to wrestle with life’s ultimate questions. With a wide collection of resources, ministry leaders provide well-structured and meaningful answers to these legitimate questions.


Union Gospel Mission is a Christ-centered residential ministry on Lancaster for homeless men, women and families, providing meals and chapel services for non-residents, with the goal of helping individuals develop the skills needed to become independent, productive community members.


Victory Temple is a free residential program ministering to those with additions to drugs and alcohol often with criminal backgrounds—offering transformation and healing through the grace and power of Jesus Christ. Men and women who have been bound by addictions find their lives are transformed through this three-month program of life-on-life Christian discipleship. 


Wings of Hope Equitherapy’s core purpose is to provide hope and healing through gentle horses and the love of God. Equine-assisted activities utilize the soothing, strengthening and healing effect of a horse’s gait for children and adults with unique physical, mental, and emotional challenges.

St. Andrew's Global Mission Partners

The Diocese of Northern Malawi received a team of St. Andrew’s missioners in 1996, a transforming experience for all. The World Mission Committee of our Fort Worth Diocese administers the Centurion Program, a vehicle for our diocesan churches to share “from our abundance”, as the Church in Malawi enriches us here with their faith and trust in the Lord.    


CaMp Global Ministries, Inc. takes volunteer missionaries on medical missions serving the people of Haiti, providing imperfect, ordinary people with places to serve others in extraordinary ways while deepening our own relationship with God.


St. Andrew’s Global Mission Initiative, established by our Rector Jake Worley, is a fund specifically earmarked for planning global parish mission initiatives that support international mission opportunities for parish participation. Contact the Rev’d Jake Worley to learn more.


SOMA is a mission agency called by God to serve the Anglican Church worldwide—building up and equipping the Body of Jesus Christ through the renewing power of the Holy Spirit, using short-term, cross cultural missions, for the transformation of individuals, churches and communities. 


Trinity School for Ministry welcomes students and faculty who seek a church that is evangelical in faith, catholic in order, alive in the Holy Spirit and committed to mission.


Dorcas Day with Wycliffe has served on long-term missionary assignments with Wycliffe Bible Translators in Southeast Asia, Central and South America. She is currently based in North Carolina with JAARS, a Wycliffe partner organization providing technical support to communicate the Gospel to many in remote cultures through Bible Translation.