Youth Sunday School

March 22 | The Thousand Years



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St. Andrew’s is committed to growing a healthy, biblical ministry to students and families. Our purpose, partnering with parents, is to shepherd students to know and love God, to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, and to understand God’s Word as truth. Our philosophy of student ministry is Family-based, Gospel-oriented and Christ- centered.  Our desire is to partner with parents, to encourage and equip them in the stewardship God has given them. We want to supplement and complement their work.

We want to arm our students with a biblical and reformational worldview; helping them bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to bear on every aspect of life. More than anything else, we could simply say that we want our students to love God more. We want to help them grow in the grace and knowledge of Christ Jesus. We offer weekly Bible studies, monthly fellowship activities and many annual events for students and families. We meet Sunday morning for Bible study in our youth cafe & lounge. Annual activities include, retreats, camping, mission trip, hikes, holiday events and more. Confirmation Class (grades 6 & above) 

Classes are offered during the school year in preparation for the Service of Holy Confirmation by the Bishop on the first Sunday in May. Included are lessons on the Anglican Church, the Prayer Book, the Catechism, and the ministries of St. Andrew's, as well as a tour of our facilities.

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