Children's Ministry

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Children's Ministry

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Mission Statement

The overall mission of the Children’s Ministries of St. Andrew’s is to lead our children to know and love God, to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, and to understand God’s Word as truth, and as their ultimate authority and guide in their daily lives.

At St. Andrew’s we also teach our children the central, overarching themes of the Old and New Testaments, the principal and most important characters of the Bible, the beautiful and unique things about our Episcopal/Anglican heritage and traditions, and the general content of the 1928 Prayer Book.

Children's Year Round School Program

We offer systematic study of the Scriptures, teaching from our 1928 Prayer Book, teaching about our Episcopal/Anglican traditions, as well as a number of important enrichment programs, among them: arts and crafts, biblical and modern-day skits, music, liturgical teaching and seasonal, liturgical projects, the visits of special speakers, and our very important Bible Olympics and Memory Work Program. All children’s efforts and accomplishments are recognized and rewarded in this program, for we emphasize effort and participation above all else in the awarding of ribbons, pins, medals and trophies to individuals and classes at the end of each school year. Psalm 119:105 is our motto for storing God’s Word in our hearts.

Outreach Projects

We teach our children the important principle of concern for others through various outreach projects and activities year-round. We emphasize the importance of missions and of doing our part (in ways that we can) to help take the Gospel of Jesus Christ into the world, to places near and far through the Operation Christmas Child Shoe Box Project in the fall, and the Lenten Mite Box Project each spring. The OCC boxes go all over the world, but the Lenten mite box project goes to support a cause near to home, either in our diocese or our community.

Preschool and K

Preschool and K have their own chapel service in the Children’s Chapel, followed by Bible class time, arts and crafts, music, videos and DVD’s and sometimes special skits, puppet presentations, and other activities. 

Grades 1 - 5

Children in grades 1-5 attend the first portion (the first 40 minutes) of the regular church service with their families, leaving at the time of the sermon hymn to go to Sunday School. Their weekly program consists of worship with their families, special children’s assembly times, classroom Bible teaching, and enrichment projects and programs as listed above. 

Confirmation Class (grade 6) 

Classes are offered during the year in preparation for the Service of Holy Confirmation by the Bishop on the first Sunday in May. Included are lessons on the Anglican Church, the Prayer Book, the Catechism, and the ministries of St. Andrew's, as well as a tour of our facilities. 

Special Celebrations

On certain special Sundays during the year, we take time for fun, festive celebrations such as, Christmas, Epiphany, Easter, Pentecost, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, etc. 

Special Services, Festivals & Pageants

The Children’s Ministry of St. Andrew’s sponsors the All Saints’ Sunday and Palm Sunday banner processions (with costumed characters), the Fall Festival of Saints, the St. Andrew’s Advent- Christmas Pageant, Parish Shrove Tuesday- Mardi Gras Party, the Good Friday Way of the Cross Service for Children, the “Walk to the Empty Tomb”, a participatory dramatic program on Easter Day, the children’s Easter egg hunt in the courtyard on Easter morning, an Easter egg hunt and picnic conducted off-site as a service and outreach project, and the year-end Sunday School and Bible Olympics and Awards Ceremony. 

Vacation Bible School

VBS (June or July) is a major effort of our entire parish, using a course designed specifically for our VBS and a set designed and constructed by our own St. Andrew’s parishioners. Visitors are invited and warmly welcomed! 

Volunteer Opportunities

There are many volunteer opportunities available in the Children’s Ministries of St.Andrew’s. If you love children and enjoy working with a great team of men and women, there is a place for you! You will make new friends and learn a great deal yourself in this very rewarding ministry.