Personal Funeral Plan

Download a Personal Funeral Plan (All information is confidential and is submitted directly to the Rector.)

For good reason the liturgical color of every Christian funeral is white. 

For every Christian funeral is always a re-celebration of Easter. We enter into that “house of mourning” with the triumphant certainty that death does not have the last word. No, the risen Lord does. And He has pronounced and demonstrated his utter victory over death. And in his triumph over death in his resurrection, Christian people see a foretaste of their own ultimate victory.

The purpose of these funeral planning guidelines is twofold: 

a) to urge us all to give these matters some thought now so that we might better learn to live with the end in view and

b) to provide some helpful suggestions to those who will plan and preside at our funerals. 

It is understood that we will offer these suggestions not as binding instructions to those who will actually design and conduct our services, but rather as pointers or reminders of some of the things which were dear to us throughout our lives.