Wednesdays in Lent “Springtime of Salvation” 

March 8 - April 12 | Noon

in the Chapel

Paradoxically (as it seems) the word “Lent” in “old” English meant Spring; in fact, the season of the calendar year with which the liturgical season of Lent coincides is indeed Spring. At the same time, Lent is identified in terms of the”wilderness” experiences of both Ancient Israel and Jesus himself. How, therefore, can Lent truly be a fecund “Springtime of Salvation” for us?

March 8 Providence: “Alpha and Omega”

March 15 Predestination: “The God-Man”

March 22 Penitence: “My Grace is Sufficient

March 29 Power: “Strength in Weakness”

April 5 Patience: “Already/Not Yet”

April 12 Paradise: “Life out of Death” with Holy Communion

Great Books | Monday, March 20

6:30 PM | Koslow Library

Dinner & Discussion

In the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries the very foundations of human self-understanding in the Western tradition began to be shaken to their very core. In England, the beginnings of this development, this new “wave” or “paradigm” in terms of which to “vindicate the ways of God to Man” are most memorably expressed, albeit also criticized, by Alexander Pope (1688-1744) in his poem entitled Essay on Man

Roman Catholic though he was, he suggests that what appears inscrutable about the Universe must be explicated rationally, according to the laws of Nature, which, indeed, are not only the basis of Man’s duty to strive to be virtuous but also the only basis of his ability here and now to attain virtue. “Know then thyself, presume not God to scan / The proper study [only Science] of Mankind is Man.” 

But is this traditional Christian faith or, rather, is it the first step onto what has been called the “banana peel” of the slippery slope of Deism and, ultimately, Atheism? 

Join us in our Great Books study of Pope’s Essay on Man on Monday, March 20th, at 6:30 p.m. in Koslow Library, for dinner and unfettered discussion! Reserve your place and your copy of Pope’s poem (suggested donation: $6.00) by e-mailing Alann Sampson.


Sunday Adult Education

Our aim at St. Andrew’s is to assist with spiritual formation and growth among parishioners in the knowledge and love of our Lord Jesus Christ. Adult Education programs designed around our mission "to disciple every believer" are offered on Sundays throughout the year. 

Belonging to St. Andrew's

April 29 9-2:30

Sept 16 9-2:30

Hosted by our Priest-in-Charge, Canon Ron McCrary, Belonging to St. Andrew’s is an opportunity to hear about the mission of St. Andrew’s and how you can join us in the work of local and global discipleship. We will answer your questions about St. Andrew’s, our ministries to adults and families, and what it means to be Anglican. Attendees will be served a complimentary lunch and will participate with others who are new to St. Andrew’s. Whether you are simply seeking to learn more about St. Andrew’s or you are ready to get more involved, this is a great opportunity to find how you can best embrace your calling as a disciple of Jesus here at St. Andrew's. This class satisfies the requirements for confirmation at St. Andrew's Episcopal Church. 

For more information about the next class contact Molly Bryant at or 817.727.5200

Great Books Club

The Great Books Club was established in the fall of 2007 and has been a favorite of many since it began. The Great Books Club meets once a month. A dinner is provided followed by a one-hour discussion on a current book. The discussion is moderated by one of three leaders (Dean McKeachie, Bob Grable and Alann Sampson). A new class starts every September. For information about current topic, day, time and location, please contact Dean McKeachie, 817.965.4899.