Ambassadors of Reconciliation

Wednesdays Evenings


All this is from God, who through Christ reconciled us to himself and gave us the ministry of reconciliation. II Corinthians 5:18

This Wednesday October

Victory Temple Ministries

A real story of God Reconciling People to themselves, each other and Him

St. Andrew’s is offering an opportunity to explore our own God-given calling to be “Ambassadors of Reconciliation” by loving those in our community here in Fort Worth who seem to be so different from us. We will look at some important and timely themes in the book and hear real stories of God reconciling people to himself and to one another through several of our Fort Worth ministry partners (such as Union Gospel Mission, Victory Temple, H.O.P.E. Farm, etc.)  

Ambassadors of Reconciliation inspired by

Same Kind of Different As Me

  • Dinner
  • Special Programming for Adults and Children (nursery provided) Beginning Wednesday, October 11 and continuing October 25 - November 16 in Moncrief Hall Program for Adults and Children from 6 to 7:30 PM at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church
  •  (Nursery provided) 
  • Fun and educational children’s program, using children’s version of the book.  
  • Read the book Books available at St. Andrew’s on Sundays and at events throughout the week, and online at Amazon, or on kindle.  
  • Invite a friend

“Just tell ‘em I’m a nobody that’s tryin’ to tell everybody ‘bout Somebody that can save anybody.” — Denver Moore

Great Books | Fall Series

"True Religion and Virtue"

Dinner & Discussion

in Koslow Library

“Can virtue (human excellence) be taught, or is it acquired by practice ... or if neither ... does Man acquire it by nature, or by some other way?”  

Theme: “True Religion and Virtue” FALL, 2017

September 18 Topic: “Virtue ... by some other way” Readings in Poetry & Prose, Sacred & Secular

led by Dean William McKeachie

October 16 Topic: “Poetic Liturgy” Readings in “The Consolation of Philosophy” (Boethius) 

led by Dr Stephen Blackwood

November 6 Topic: “Comfortable Words, Humble Access” Readings in the Prayer Book of Thomas Cranmer; “Divine Allurement” (J.A. Null) 

led by Dr Ashley Null

November 29 Eve of Saint Andrew’s Day Evensong (Britten’s “Rejoice in the Lamb”) 

Bishop Jack Iker presiding

Reception following the Service

Those who have followed the course of the Great Books syllabus at Saint Andrew’s in recent months will have noticed a certain continuity of theme. It has flowed from our first two Readings and two Opening Questions last Fall, from Psalm 8 (among Ancient Israel’s Songs of Sion) and from Plato’s “Meno” (among Plato’s Dialogues set in Ancient Athens): David asks God, “What is Man that thou art mindful of him?”; Meno asks Socrates, “Can virtue (human excellence) be taught, or is it acquired by practice ... or if neither ... does Man acquire it by nature, or by some other way?” 

This past season, in our exploration of this overall theme, we considered contrasting Answers, explicit or implicit, to these Questions, through the writings of Martin Luther, Alexander Pope, Walker Percy, and Wendell Berry. Indeed, for the past eight years our entire Great Books series has -- through Readings of a variety of texts in philosophy, poetry, fiction, history, and religion -- revolved around this recurrent theme. 

This Fall it is my hope to bring our exploration not so much to an end but to a kind of recapitulation, to one transcendent Answer to the perennial Question, reflected in the season’s overall theme: “True Religion and Virtue” (which Saint Andrew’s parishioners will recognize as a phrase from Thomas Cranmer’s Prayer Book).

On Monday, September 18th, I shall endeavor to set the scene! On Monday, October 16th, we shall be joined by Dr Stephen Blackwood to lead us in considering the early Christian philosopher Boethius (480-524 A.D.), without whose work Western Christian Civilization would not have become as we have known it. On Monday, November 6th, Saint Andrew’s friend and frequent visitor Dr Ashley Null will lead us in considering how worship in Word and Sacrament, according to Thomas Cranmer’s Prayer Book, sets the Seal of the Spirit on the distinctive Catholic yet Reformed “Answer” to our two-fold Opening Question(s). Finally, on Wednesday, November 29th, the Eve of Saint Andrew’s Day, we shall gather both to “worship in the beauty of holiness” at Choral Evensong (according to our 1928 American edition of Cranmer’s Prayer Book) and to enjoy Christian “koinonia” sacred and secular alike (“true religion and virtue”), with Bishop Jack Iker presiding at Evensong and present with us for the Reception following.




6:00 - 7:30 PM

FX is a seasonal Wednesday night series that includes dinner, music by the house band, and a talk. Series vary in content. Our current series is a study of the book of Philemon. This is a very laid back, guest-friendly event that it’s never too late to jump into!

Belonging to St. Andrew's

Dates TBA

Hosted by our Priest-in-Charge, Canon Ron McCrary, Belonging to St. Andrew’s is an opportunity to hear about the mission of St. Andrew’s and how you can join us in the work of local and global discipleship. We will answer your questions about St. Andrew’s, our ministries to adults and families, and what it means to be Anglican. Attendees will be served a complimentary lunch and will participate with others who are new to St. Andrew’s. Whether you are simply seeking to learn more about St. Andrew’s or you are ready to get more involved, this is a great opportunity to find how you can best embrace your calling as a disciple of Jesus here at St. Andrew's. This class satisfies the requirements for confirmation at St. Andrew's Episcopal Church. 

For more information about the next class contact Molly Bryant at or 817.727.5200

Great Books Club

The Great Books Club was established in the fall of 2007 and has been a favorite of many since it began. The Great Books Club meets once a month. A dinner is provided followed by a one-hour discussion on a current book. The discussion is moderated by one of three leaders (Dean McKeachie, Bob Grable and Alann Sampson). A new class starts every September. For information about current topic, day, time and location, please contact Dean McKeachie, 817.965.4899. More information on current book discussion